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When it comes to finding the best home security system companies in Los Angeles, the overwhelming amount of options can make it a daunting task. Who can you really trust with your family’s safety? Well, we’d recommend someone with experience, lots of it. We’d also recommend a company that specializes in security, not just selling and installing their own products. Our team is 100% comprised of close protection professionals. Yes, every single one of our security analysts actively protect people at very high levels for a living. Now we’re opening our services up to the world. We make the safety and tranquility of your home our utmost priority. And our role extends far beyond that of a typical security company.

For years, we’ve been at the forefront of the security industry in Los Angeles, across the U.S, and the globe. And we look forward to serving you. 

About SafeHouse Security Consultants

SafeHouse Security Consultants‘ mission is to bring peace of mind into your home with the best home security system in Los Angeles.

We understand the importance of your home being a haven of peace and protection – a place where you can cherish moments with your loved ones, get work done, or recharge without worry. 

Amidst rising tensions, heightened crime rates, and lenient penalties for criminal activities, home security often falls behind. Our commitment is to alleviate these concerns, granting you and your family the peace of mind you rightfully deserve. With a wealth of experience in safeguarding Los Angeles residents and their property, our seasoned security team is dedicated to fortifying your home and erasing your apprehensions, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

Why Choose SafeHouse Security Consultants?

Crime prevention and risk mitigation are a few of our core passions. We take pride in keeping our valued customers a few steps ahead of criminal trends.

Los Angeles Security Services are Our Specialty

  • Professional Home Security Assessments
  • Wholistic security plans tailored and designed to address every possibility
  • Physical and Digital Network security measures
  • Custom smart home automation and upgrades
  • Crime data analytics for predicting and countering crime trends
Home Security System Companies in Los Angeles, CA

Security Cameras and Surveillance

Installing the correct surveillance equipment in the appropriate places is a great way to deter criminals and keep track of your property no matter where you may be.

It is important to know which system will work best in your home, but it can be difficult. This question, and others, will be answered by our proprietary Residential Security Assessment.

No more flipping multiple different switches or handling multiple different devices to accomplish what you want. 

Home Security Hardware

The cameras are an important part of any security plan, but they are only one component. We will also evaluate your doors, hinges and locks, windows, exterior lighting, landscaping, gates as well as the strength of your security codes.

Our proficient team will thoughtfully consider your specific needs and preferences, ensuring we suggest the perfect equipment that matches your particular situation. You can be at peace, knowing we’re by your side, providing you with a smooth and stress-free home security experience.

Smart Home Technology

When technology is integrated, life becomes better. The integration of your smartphone allows you to view and control your systems from anywhere. You can adjust cameras, control lighting, give temporary access to service providers and guests, monitor pets or automate your door locks at night.

Network Security

Threats are not always obvious to the naked eye.

The modern criminal landscape is always evolving. Cybercrime, identity fraud, hacking of networks, etc. are all common incidents. Cybercrime is on the rise, and it’s becoming more sophisticated every day. We offer modern solutions that address these problems and make sure your digital assets are as secure as physical property.

~Home Security Assessments Los Angeles, CA ~

The flagship service of our company!

We will conduct an 80+-point security analysis and combine it a detailed intelligence report about your area to accurately assess the security status of your home. We’ll then provide you with a detailed report that includes specific recommendations for improving the safety and security of your home. We can even help you find great deals on home repairs or upgrades, new security systems and other items. We don’t just stop there. We will even take care of the time-consuming and tedious logistics for you (at no extra cost), so you won’t need to lift a single finger. We are proud of our concierge service. Make your home SafeHouse.

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