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We specialize in commercial security strategies and systems. Our services include business security assessments, automation, security cameras, and more. Looking for commercial security system companies in Hollywood CA? We can help.

Security systems are essential for all businesses. Our team will work with you to create a security system that will integrate advanced video monitoring and alarm monitoring as well as access control, contingency plans, and contingency planning into your operational infrastructure. You will be able to increase productivity, reduce theft and loss risks, and provide a safe, enjoyable, and secure environment for both your employees and your customers.

About SafeHouse Security Consultants

SafeHouse Security Consultants knows that your business represents your passion, your time, your resources, and your dedication. We know how important it is to maintain a safe environment conducive to running your business.

It is a difficult task to prioritize the safety of employees, business assets, and facilities in a criminal environment that is constantly changing. Cyber threats, thefts, vandalisms and unauthorized entry are on the rise. A comprehensive security strategy is needed.

No matter what industry you are in, our team of security experts can offer tailored strategies that meet your specific business needs. Our team will conduct a thorough security assessment to identify your business’s unique needs and vulnerabilities. We then create a comprehensive plan to address them.

Our Commercial Security Services

Business Security Consulting

Theft and loss prevention

Video Surveillance systems

Access Control Strategies

24-Hour Monitoring

Professional Bug Sweeps

And more !

Trusted Commercial Security Services in Hollywood

Business Security Consulting

SafeHouse Security Consultants will work with you to develop and implement an integrated security solution that is scalable. It will help you to overcome your toughest security challenges. You can gain efficiency by standardizing platforms and automating your system based on events. SafeHouse Security Consultants also assist businesses in reducing risk, improving security effectiveness, as well as eliminating hidden costs that are associated with nonintegrated systems. Call us now for more information!

Security System Integration

We always begin our services with a thorough security assessment of your business, facility and assets. We will then work with you directly to create a security plan that is tailored to your business needs.

We can help you develop a plan that will deter these attempts before they start and prepare your business to avoid loss.

Access Control Strategies

SafeHouse Security Consultants is a company that specializes in tailor-made and effective strategies to keep track of those who gain access to your facility. Malibu has its own set of unique access control challenges, which we can help you overcome.

We use the latest technologies in our access control systems, including smart card and badge readers, as well as false credential flagging. For more information, call us today!

Theft and Loss Prevention

We are committed to providing the most cost-effective and tailored solutions for preventing loss and theft. We understand that each Malibu business is unique and has different security requirements. Therefore, we provide a customized solution for every business. It’s crucial to counter organized crime and smash-and grab attempts, which are on the rise. This is done through our Business Security Assessment Process, which we have perfected over the past decade.

If you’re looking for the best commercial security system companies in Hollywood CA, call us now.

Commercial Video Surveillance

You need to make sure that your camera system is performing at its peak every day. SafeHouse Security Consultants offers the most reliable and cost-effective video surveillance systems in Malibu. Each commercial video surveillance systems is customized to meet the specific needs of every client. Video systems are designed so that existing IT infrastructures, as well as camera infrastructures, can be maximized. We provide solutions for various applications that are complex yet affordable.

If you’re looking for top commercial security firms in Hollywood, call us today.

Professional Bug Sweeps

Are you moving into a new space for commercial purposes? You want to ensure that your meeting rooms will be secure when discussing confidential information? Our speciality is professional bug sweeps. Also known as Technical Surveillance countermeasure sweeps or Inspections.

It is important to be cautious when sharing private information, discussing sensitive issues or holding internal meetings. We will ensure that your proprietary information remains proprietary.

Full security assessment, report, security rating, and tailored recomm…
Full security assessment, report, security rating, and tailored recomm…
Virtual Consultations are reserved for areas outside of the markets we…

Our Commercial Security Assessment

It is impossible to secure your company better than by tailoring your security plan to meet your needs. This is done by performing our own proprietary security analysis of your business, identifying any potential vulnerabilities and customizing recommendations to improve security. We don’t just stop there. We can also help you get the best price for repairs, upgrades, and new systems. If you decide to follow our security advice, we will take care of all the logistics.

Call us now for more information. SafeHouse Security Consultants is your best choice when it comes to commercial security system companies in Hollywood CA.

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