Do home security systems deter crime

Did you know the first video surveillance camera mounted on a German V2 rocket by Walter Bruch was installed in 1942? Imagine that it wasn’t used to prevent crime but to monitor the launch of a missile! This raises the question: do home security systems deter crime?

Security cameras have been proven to reduce and deter burglary. In fact, installing a security system can make your home 300% safer against burglars. The primary reason for their effectiveness is that criminals do not want to be recorded or observed.

So, let’s revisit the question: do security cameras actually work in deterring crime, and are they worth the investment? In order to make an informed decision, it’s important to learn more about the security cameras that are available as part of your security system.

Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime?

Surveillance cameras were installed in Orange County, New Jersey, resulting in a significant decrease of 50% in all types of crime. According to the police officers who participated in the study, having access to the recorded footage made it easier for them to investigate crimes. This, in turn, allowed them to apprehend and prosecute criminals even while crimes were still being committed.

It was a drop that involved all kinds of crimes and the entire city! Imagine the impact of installing a high-quality security camera system at your home.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, conducted a comprehensive study in which they surveyed 422 burglars prisoners accused of burglary. In this study, 60% of burglars said that they would look for an alarm system before breaking into a home. They also said that most burglars would choose another house if there was an alarm system.

Installing a network of video cameras in your home can be a deterrent for potential criminals. This sends a clear message to potential offenders that they will be noticed if their actions are indeed dangerous.

How Do Burglars Choose Houses?

In 2019, the United States reported 6,925,677 property crimes.

Criminals often target homes that are easier to break into, and they also select their targets by observing the surrounding area. They specifically look for houses with consistent patterns of activity, such as frequent comings and goings. 

Criminals tend to focus on homes located in rural or remote parts of the neighborhood. They also target houses that appear well-maintained or have expensive cars parked in the driveway.

Burglars are always looking for the fastest way to enter. The burglars will enter through an unlocked or open door, a window that is left wide open, or a pet door. The majority of criminals enter houses via these entrances, as well as the garage, front door, or back door.

It’s very easy for a burglar, if you leave your window or door open, to enter your home. A glass door may look nice, but a thief will smash the glass and then put their arm in to unlock it.

Criminals can also crawl through the hole created by the air conditioner. Other criminals will be armed with a crowbar or bank card. The bump key bypasses pin and tumbler lock security and is similar to a skeleton. This allows a burglar to pick the lock quickly.

Tips to Make Your Home Safe

There are many things you can do to protect your family and home. 

Deter Crime With External and Internal Security Cameras

Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime

As an additional set of eyes, home surveillance cameras can keep a watchful eye on your home both inside and out.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor cameras, though? The environmental conditions each camera has to withstand are the primary differences between outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras. Outdoor cameras must be able to handle all types of weather.

Outdoor cameras are more vulnerable to being tampered with. They are therefore usually constructed from more durable materials, can be heavier, and even fitted into a casing that prevents quick removal. Infrared technology is used by both indoor and outdoor cameras to provide more accurate images even in low-light conditions.

We recommend contacting a professional in order to ensure you receive the protection you require at a reasonable price. Call Safehouse Security Consultants now to book an assessment for your Los Angeles home!

Is Camera Security Worth the Money Spent?

If you are considering installing a surveillance system for your home, there are many options. There are wired cameras and wireless cameras as well as indoor and outdoor cameras. Doorbell cameras, DIY cameras, and boxed cameras are all available.

The high cost of video surveillance is hard to quantify. However, it’s worth the money if you are looking to ensure the safety of your family, your home, and your belongings.

When attempting to justify the cost, consider these factors:

You can justify the cost of a security camera system by adding the emotional trauma you may experience and that your family will suffer in the event of a burglary you cannot afford.

There Are Other Factors to Consider

You should also consider the following cost factors:

Every year, millions of homes are burglarized. You may want to reconsider installing a security system due to the cost of installation and maintenance. Long-term, the combination of the known success in preventing break-ins and the savings will make the investment worthwhile.

It is also priceless to have the assurance that you are doing everything you can to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings.

Security Cameras and Privacy

Motion-detected cameras will record video every time someone walks through your garden or passes your front door.

Before you install cameras around your home or office, ensure that all members of your family are aware of them and happy about their presence. Hacking cameras is possible. Hackers can therefore track your videos, or upload them on the internet. There are steps you can take in order to reduce the threat of your security camera being hacked.

It is highly recommended that you enable the privacy settings in your camera.

So, Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime?

How can surveillance cameras prevent crime? The answer lies in the undeniable evidence provided by research. Whether it’s a comprehensive security camera system or a simple doorbell camera, these devices are proven to be effective in safeguarding your family and home from criminals.

But do security cameras truly deter crime? Studies have consistently shown that the presence of a security camera system can lead to a remarkable reduction of 50 percent or more in criminal activity. With the footage captured by these cameras, you have the ability to substantiate criminal acts, providing invaluable evidence for investigations.

Today, the prevalence of surveillance cameras have become commonplace. They adorn buildings, streets, and homes, and we have become accustomed to their presence, even expecting it. As homeowners, we can utilize this technology to enhance our peace of mind and improve the safety of our loved ones.

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