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Ensuring the safety of you and your family is of utmost importance. As criminals become more advanced in their tactics, it’s crucial to implement modern security solutions to stay secure. SafeHouse Security Consultants, one of the leading home automation companies in Hollywood, CA has been a leader for the past decade. We cater to clients who are looking for the latest technology and impeccable design, whether they’re private homes, community businesses, or promotional displays. Looking for Home Automation Companies in Hollywood CA? Call now!

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Networking/ Wifi

Our experts will guide you on your way to creating a smart home ecosystem that encompasses every aspect of your space. Our experts will show you how to use this system in different rooms of your home while configuring each device carefully so that it fits in with the others.

For high-speed Wi-Fi to work efficiently, a Hollywood home network must be built on a solid foundation. Security companies offer discrete installation of Ethernet cables to keep your home looking uncluttered. In addition, they can install fiber wiring strategically and optimize device configurations for maximum network experience.

We offer expert Wi-Fi installations for your home. They will ensure optimal signal strength by carefully positioning the access points in your network. They also integrate Wi-Fi with the aesthetics of your house while enhancing security for Wi-Fi transmissions.

Our professionals can help you improve your online security with a variety of wired and wireless security solutions. They will evaluate your current setup and offer options to improve it. Schedule a remote diagnosis session now and rest assured that your sensitive data and online identity are safe from prying eyes.

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Smart Lighting

Our cutting-edge smart system allows you to control every light in your house. You can create a romantic atmosphere or a movie-night ambience. The possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination! Our lighting experts are always on hand to offer guidance and help you create the perfect lighting scenario. If you’re looking for Home Automation Companies in Hollywood CA, call us now!

Let go of the manual switch! Timed lighting automatically adjusts for changing light levels during the day.

Our innovative combination of motorized Lutron shades and intelligent lighting controls allows you to instantly recreate any mood in your living space. Our solution allows you to create the perfect lighting atmosphere for any occasion, whether it’s a family dinner or a romantic dinner under Hollywood skies.

Landscape lighting is an important aspect of outdoor aesthetics. It can transform the exterior appeal of any home. It can deter burglars and add sophistication to any environment. For maximum impact, transform your outdoor space with lighting that embodies both elegance and security.

Security lighting is more than just a way to protect your home – it can also help create a welcoming atmosphere. You can choose lighting that only comes on at night or is activated by motion sensors for the best security solution.

Turn off the lights from your phone and save money on your energy bill in Hollywood CA. 

Smart Shading

We will assess your house and recommend professional installers that will install the latest shading systems for Hollywood homes. Our shading solutions offer unmatched levels of convenience and quality in operating motorized roller shades, including voice commands, preset timers, and smart technology. These systems are easy to manage with this intuitive control via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Call us to learn more about your Smart shading options.

Smart shading allows you to control your window coverings using voice commands, smartphones, tablets, or pre-programmed schedules. This eliminates the need to manually adjust blinds and shades during the day.

Smart shading can increase your home’s energy efficiency. You can reduce the need for artificial lighting and heating/cooling by automatically adjusting shades according to the time of day and sun position.

You can maintain privacy by adjusting your shades using a voice or touch command. This will prevent outsiders from seeing inside. Smart shades can be set to open and shut at specific times to give the impression that someone is in your home. This could deter potential burglars.

Smart shades protect furnishings, flooring, and artwork against sun fading. They automatically lower or adjust to block harmful ultraviolet rays.

You can control the amount and intensity of glare on your TV and computer screen. This will make them more comfortable and prevent glare from disturbing indoor activities.

Smart Audio Systems

Smart audio systems allow you to create stunning audio setups discreetly, and enjoy beautiful melodies at indoor or outdoor parties. You can easily manage track selection, sound intensities, and genre selection. If you’re looking for Home Automation Companies in Hollywood CA, call us now!

Enjoy a peaceful, tranquil environment in your home without the visual clutter of wires. Unmatched in technological excellence, our WiFi systems are unmatched by others. We can handle any size project, from modest home networks to large residential complexes and office buildings.

You can easily control every light in your house with innovative software. Our experts can help you create dynamic lighting schemes for movie nights or create a peaceful atmosphere for intimate dinners. Your creativity is your limit and they are always available to offer advice and insight. The systems are paired with the best audio equipment to ensure a superior auditory experience.

Upgrade your audio experience with the latest equipment and systems that offer unparalleled sound quality.

Listen to the best audio systems when entertaining guests in your home or at the pool. Intelligent audio systems allow you to control song selection, volume, and different sonic styles.

Smart Security Systems

Our state-of-the-art security systems will give you peace of mind with the push of a single button. Our cutting-edge security systems use the latest cameras to monitor your home seamlessly from a smartphone interface. Our security systems are bringing tomorrow to you today. Set alarm notifications that can call emergency services in an instant if necessary; automate locking mechanisms at front doors on predetermined intervals, that can be unlocked remotely by a single tap on your smartphone. SafeHouse Security Consultants is one of the top home automation companies in Hollywood.

Smart entry systems can help you improve the security of your house by allowing you to screen visitors before granting them access. These entry systems are compatible with smart locking solutions and feature video surveillance for identifying visitors at your door as well as audio communication two-way between you and the visitor. This entry system can be controlled by your smartphone, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

The exterior landscape lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves as a deterrent to potential intruders. Smart devices can be used to automatically switch on our intelligently configured landscape illumination solutions at dusk, and then turn them off at dawn.

Our innovative home surveillance systems will help you stay in control of the security at your house. These innovative solutions feature top-of-the-line security cameras which produce HD footage. The ability to connect outdoor security cameras with smart devices allows for real-time monitoring and recording of footage.

Smart locks offer greater convenience and security than traditional keypads. These locks will unlock your door without requiring manual entry. They also allow you to use voice commands and secure smartphone keys.

The best home security plans look at every aspect and plan for each possibility. We take pride in going the extra mile to look at door density, upgraded hinges, additional reinforced locks, sensors and the like. We leave nothing up to chance. 

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