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Keeping you and your loved ones safe is THE top priority. With the ever-evolving tactics of modern criminals, it’s important to use up-to-date security solutions to stay protected. But why not increase your quality of life in the process?

Our recommended home security automation devices and systems are cutting-edge and offer peace of mind 24/7 – whether at home near Los Angeles or traveling abroad. Over the last decade, SafeHouse Security Consultants has established itself as an industry leader, one of the best home automation companies in Los Angeles, CA, catering to clients looking for cutting-edge technology combined with impeccable design for their endeavors – whether private homes, community enterprises or promotional displays.

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Network Security

Our security suite includes network security, which safeguards your digital infrastructure and provides robust defenses against cyber threats.

Our security expertise extends to Wi-Fi and network security, implementing protocols to fortify your wireless networks against unauthorized access.

We offer modern solutions to protect your network from sophisticated cyber attacks. These are gaining in popularity. A comprehensive security plan must include a safeguarding of your digital assets.

To mask your digital footprint, you must take steps to reduce the traceability and visibility of your online activity. A smaller digital footprint protects your privacy and reduces targeted advertising. We can help you with that.

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Smart Lighting

All the lights can be controlled from one device. You can create a romantic atmosphere for your dinner or turn on the exterior lights at night to deter crime. We can help if you are looking for Home Automation Companies in Los Angeles CA.

Leave manual light switches behind! Timed lighting systems seamlessly adjust to changing light levels throughout the day for an uninterrupted lighting experience.

Recreate any mood in any living space instantly using an innovative combination of motorized shades or intelligent lighting control. From quality time indoors with family to romantic dinners under Los Angeles skylines, our solution empowers you to craft the ideal lighting ambiance.

Landscape lighting, an essential aspect of outdoor aesthetics and security, has the power to transform the look and feel of any home’s exterior charm. It can simultaneously deter intruders while adding ambience to your surroundings. 

No more lights left on all day while you’re out enjoying the LA beaches. Turn them off from your phone and save money on your energy bill.

Smart Shading

Smart shading systems provide unparalleled convenience, quality and ease of use. These systems can be programmed with preset times for ease of control, and they may even include voice commands. Control your shades via your smartphone for ultimate convenience.

With smart shading, it is now possible to conveniently control window coverings remotely using smartphones, tablets, voice commands or preset schedules – eliminating the need for manual adjustment of blinds or shades throughout the day. Just another way to protect your privacy, conveniently. 

Smart shading can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home. By adjusting shades based on the time of day and sun positions, you can regulate the amount of natural light and heat entering your home, thus reducing artificial lighting systems or heating/cooling systems needed – ultimately leading to reduced consumption and utility bills.

To maintain privacy in your home, easily adjusting the shades with just a touch or voice command to provide privacy can keep outsiders from viewing inside. While away, smart shades can be programmed to open and close at certain times of day to create the appearance that someone is home – potentially deterring potential intruders from breaking in.

Smart shades can protect furniture, flooring and artwork from sun fading by automatically lowering or adjusting to block harmful UV rays.

Automated shading allows you to control the amount of direct sunlight glare, making devices such as TVs and computer screens more comfortable to use and keeping glare from disrupting indoor activities.

Smart Audio Systems

Create remarkable audio setups and enjoy beautiful melodies indoors or at outdoor parties in Los Angeles with smart audio systems, giving you complete control of track selection, sound intensity levels and genre selection – effortlessly managed. Not to mention, auditory alarms require good speakers! If you’re looking for Home Automation Companies in Los Angeles CA, or Orange County CA, call us now!

Immerse yourself in tranquil peace within your own abode, free from visual clutter from wires. WiFi based audio systems stand at the forefront of technological excellence. From modest home networks to multi-room residential complexes or even sprawling office complexes – our network of audio specialists are equipped to handle audio projects of any scale!

With innovative software, you are provided with the power to easily manage every audio feature in your home. Create dynamic movie night audio schemes or set a peaceful ambiance for intimate dinners. Your creativity is the limit here and our network of experts are always at hand with advice and insights. Combined with top-of-the-line audio equipment, the systems offer superior sound quality ensuring an auditory experience unlike any other.

Transform your audio experiences with state-of-the-art equipment and systems designed to elevate sonic experiences – offering unparalleled sound quality!

Listen to the best audio systems when entertaining guests in your home or at the pool. Intelligent audio systems allow you to control song selection, volume, and different sonic styles.

Smart Security Systems

Gain unparalleled peace of mind at the touch of a button with state-of-the-art security systems. Utilizing cutting-edge cameras to seamlessly monitor every activity around your home from an accessible smartphone interface. Set alarm notifications that can quickly call emergency services should any situation require it. Set automatic locking mechanisms on front doors at predetermined intervals that you can unlock remotely with one tap on your phone – our security systems bring tomorrow today. 

Step into tomorrow with SafeHouse Security Consultants, one of the best home automation companies in Los Angeles, CA.

Enhance the security of your home with a smart entry system that enables you to carefully screen any individual before granting access. Compatible with smart locking solutions, these entry systems feature video surveillance to identify visitors at your doorstep as well as two-way audio communication for two-way dialogue between visitors and you. With easy smartphone control of this entire entry system, you are empowered with more informed decisions about who enters.

Exterior landscape lighting serves not only to improve its aesthetic appeal but also as a deterrent against potential intruders. Our intelligently configured landscape lighting solutions can automatically turn on at dusk and turn off again at dawn using smart devices. Additionally, consider motion-activated lighting solutions which further discourage unauthorized access.

Stay in control of your home security with our innovative surveillance camera systems. These cutting-edge solutions boast top-of-the-line security cameras that produce HD footage. Connecting outdoor security cameras to smart devices enables real-time monitoring of surroundings. Recording and reviewing footage over any given period from minutes to weeks – while night vision capabilities allow effective guest screening capabilities during night hours.

Smart locks go beyond traditional keypad entries to bring increased convenience and security. Enjoy increased convenience as these locks recognize your smartphone and grant access without manual input. Additionally, voice command unlocking is possible through secure smartphone keys, while unique codes may be used to alert security firms or law enforcement in emergency situations.

Home security plans should consider all aspects and prepare for every scenario. We are proud to go the extra mile and consider door density, upgraded locks, reinforced hinges, sensors, etc. We don’t leave anything to chance.

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