Residential Security Assessment

Full security assessment, report, security rating, and tailored recommendations for your home.

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Our flagship service

We’ll conduct our proprietary 80+ point security analysis, and combine that with a deep-diving intelligence report on your specific area to accurately rate your home’s security status. Then we’ll provide you a detailed report with specific recommendations on how to improve your home’s safety and security. We’ll even help you get good deals on new security systems, home repairs, or upgrades that you may need. But we don’t stop there. If you decide to implement any of our recommended security measures, we’ll even handle those pesky, time-consuming logistics (at no additional cost) so you don’t have to lift a finger. We are proud to be a true, concierge-style service. Let’s make your home a SafeHouse.

There are many reasons to book a security assessment with us, but which one are you?

1. I want to evaluate the security of my home and get specific recommendations on how to make it safer for myself and the people I love.

2. I am selling my home and want to increase it’s value at sale by getting a SafeHouse Security Consultants “Strong security rating”.

3. I am looking to buy a home and want to know how safe and secure it is. If it scores a low security rating, I will use that rating to negotiate sale price or gain seller credits to increase its security measures.

4. I am a Real Estate Professional and am booking service for a client. 

Let us know which one you are during our consultation call!