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Are you looking to secure your business or residence in Los Angeles? Look no further! At SafeHouse Security Consultants we specialize in top-of-the-line security camera installation to ensure peace of mind and unparalleled protection. It all starts with identifying vulnerabilities, matching you with the best systems for your property, and handling those time-consuming installations – which is exactly what you get with our flagship Security Assessment service. Book below!

SafeHouse Security Consultants understands that security is an absolute priority in Los Angeles, which is why we take a tailored approach to security camera installation services to meet each of our client’s individual requirements. 

With years of expertise in this industry and years more of perfecting our skills as home security providers, our professional team has become a go-to source for comprehensive solutions to security threats in this dynamic city. Our team is highly experienced and focused on meeting these unique requirements while exceeding clients’ expectations every time!

About SafeHouse Security Consultants

SafeHouse Security Consultants‘ mission is to bring peace of mind into your home or business. 

We understand the importance of your property being a haven of peace and protection – a place where you can cherish moments with your loved ones or get business done without any anxieties,

Amidst rising tensions, heightened crime rates, and lenient penalties for criminal activities, home security often takes a hit. Our commitment is to alleviate these concerns, granting you and your family the peace of mind you rightfully deserve. With a wealth of experience in safeguarding Los Angeles residents and their property, our seasoned team is dedicated to fortifying your property and easing those worries, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

Why Choose SafeHouse Security Consultants?

Our team consists of only the best security industry experts (yes, we all actually protect people for a living) who keep up-to-date on the latest advancements in security technology. Using this expertise, we recommend and implement suitable surveillance camera systems, hardware, software, sensors, lighting, etc. for each unique property. 

We recognize that each property is different, with different security needs that vary greatly depending on its location, environment, potential threats, and many other factors. Our consultants take the time to listen carefully to you about your concerns and goals before developing tailor-made recommendations for security camera installations that are specifically for your situation.

Home Security System Companies in Los Angeles, CA

Quality Equipment

In our security system installation services, we only source highest-quality security cameras and equipment from trusted manufacturers. This ensures your security system performs well when you need it most. No knock-offs.

Professional Installation

Our trusted, background-checked network of technicians specialize in installing various security camera types - be they analog, IP, dome, bullet or PTZ cameras - with great care and attention paid to every aspect of installation from mounting to wiring.

Full Integration

Our security camera installation services in Los Angeles extend well beyond simple camera installations. We can integrate your cameras with other surveillance systems like access control and alarms for complete coverage.

Affordable Solutions

No more being upsold into unnecessarily overpriced systems! We do not make money by up-selling you into expensive security systems (like most companies do), we only sell our expertise. We understand the value of your investment is of utmost importance, which is why all of our solutions are created to be as cost-effective as possible so that you receive maximum security within your budget.


During our initial consultation meeting, we aim to understand your security needs, property layout and individual requirements in order to develop the most suitable security camera solutions. Our experts then conduct a detailed assessment and match you with the best fit for your needs.

Custom Design

After conducting a consultation, we custom design a security camera system tailored specifically to address your vulnerabilities. This involves factors like camera placement, coverage angles and integration with existing security systems.


At your request, we can integrate your security camera system with other security components like access control, alarms and remote monitoring for an all-inclusive and comprehensive security solution.

Testing and Training

Before we consider an installation complete, each camera and system component will be rigorously tested to verify their functionality and a training session will be provided to teach users how to effectively operate the system.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment doesn't stop at installation - we offer ongoing technical support and maintenance services to ensure your security system operates optimally.

Licensed Professionals

Our trained technicians execute our installation process with care and precision, ensuring cameras are mounted securely, wiring is concealed discreetly, and performance of the system is optimized to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Are You Looking to Enhance Your Security?

SafeHouse Security Consultants’ team is delighted to partner with you! Enjoy peace of mind from professional security camera installation in Los Angeles that protects what matters most in life. Reach out now for a consultation and custom proposal tailored specifically to your security requirements.

Los Angeles is a bustling metropolis, making security concerns an ever-present reality. Don’t leave the safety of your property, assets and loved ones up to chance – SafeHouse Security Consultants will help protect everything that matters with professional security camera installation in Los Angeles. Reach out now so we can build a safer future together!

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