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Modern security systems will keep you safe from today’s criminals. Our cutting-edge devices and systems offer you and your family peace of mind, whether you are home in Beverly Hills and abroad. SafeHouse Security Consultants in Beverly Hills has been an industry leader for more than a decade. We offer the best technology and design for clients looking to upgrade their homes, local businesses or promotional displays. If you’re looking for home automation companies in Beverly Hills CA, call us now!

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Networking/ Wifi

Our experts will lead you in creating an intelligent home ecosystem that includes every aspect of your house. Our experts will guide you on how to use the system in different areas of your home, while carefully configuring every device so it integrates with each other. If you’re looking for home automation companies in Beverly Hills CA, call us now!

We have extensive experience in Wi-Fi security and network security. We implement protocols that will protect your wireless networks from unauthorized access.

We offer modern solutions to protect your network from sophisticated cyber attacks. These are gaining in popularity. A comprehensive security plan must include a safeguarding of your digital assets.

To mask your digital footprint, you must take steps to reduce the traceability and visibility of your online activity. A smaller digital footprint protects your privacy and reduces targeted advertising. We can help you with that.

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Smart Lighting

Our smart system lets you control every light fixture in your home. You can create a romantic ambience or a movie night atmosphere. There are no limits to the possibilities. Only your imagination can limit you! Our lighting specialists are on hand to give you advice and help you design the perfect lighting scheme.

Leave manual switches behind! When you use timed lighting, it automatically adjusts to changing light levels.

Our combination of motorized Lutron shade and intelligent lighting control allows you to create any mood in your home. With our solution, you can create a perfect lighting atmosphere to suit any occasion.

Landscape lighting can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. It can completely transform the appeal of your home. It can be used to deter thieves and enhance any environment. Transform the outdoor area with lighting that has both elegance and security.

Security lighting has many benefits. It is not only a means to secure your home, but it can also create an inviting environment. If you want the best possible security, choose lighting that turns on only at night or when motion is detected.

Turn off the lights from your phone and save money on your energy bill. Save money by turning them off with your phone.

Smart Shading

Security companies will install the newest shading systems at your Beverly Hills home. Our shading systems offer unparalleled levels of comfort and quality for motorized shades. This includes voice commands and preset timers. These systems can be easily controlled with an intuitive control system via your smartphone or tablet. Give us a call to learn more.

Smart shading allows you the control your window coverings via voice commands or smartphone, tablet, or preprogrammed scheduling. This eliminates manual adjustment of blinds during daylight hours.

Smart shading will increase the energy efficiency of any home. You can save energy by automatically adjusting your shades to match the time and position of the sun.

You can keep your privacy by adjusting the shades using voice commands or touch commands. It will keep outsiders out. Smart shades may be programmed to open or close at specific times in order to create the appearance of someone being present. This can deter potential burglars.

Smart shades help protect furniture, flooring, and artwork from fading. They automatically lower and adjust to block harmful rays.

You can control both the intensity and the amount of glare from your TV screen and computer monitor. This will make the screen more comfortable and prevent glare from disturbing indoor activities.

Smart Audio Systems

Smart audio systems will allow you to create beautiful audio setups in a discreet manner and enjoy melodies whether at an indoor or outdoor party. You can easily select tracks, adjust sound intensities and choose genres. If you’re looking for home automation companies in Beverly Hills CA, call us now!

Enjoy a serene, calm environment in your own home without the clutter of cables. Other WiFi systems cannot match our system’s technological excellence. We can manage any size project from small home networks up to large residential and office buildings.

New software lets you control the lights throughout your home. Our experts are available to help create lighting schemes that will enhance movie nights, or create a calming atmosphere for dinners with friends. The only limit is your creativity. Our experts are always on hand to give you advice and provide insight. The audio systems that are used with these systems provide an exceptional auditory experience.

Upgrade your audio experience using the latest equipment to enjoy the unmatched sound quality.

Listen to the best audio systems when entertaining guests in your home or at the pool. Intelligent audio systems allow you to control song selection, volume, and different sonic styles.

Smart Security Systems

Experience peace of mind unlike ever before. Smart security systems use cutting-edge cameras that monitor activity in your home via an easy to access smartphone interface. Set alarms for quick contact with emergency services in case of need; lock and unlock your front door remotely via your smartphone at predetermined intervals. Our security system is bringing tomorrow to you today. SafeHouse Security Consultants is one of Malibu’s top home automation companies.

A smart entry system can improve the security of your home. They allow you to screen guests before granting access. These entry solutions are compatible with smart locking systems and include video surveillance so you can identify visitors at the door. You can also communicate with them via audio. You can control this entry system from your smartphone.

It is also a good deterrent against potential burglars. Smart devices can automatically turn on our intelligently designed landscape illumination at dusk. They will then be turned off by dawn.

Our innovative systems for home surveillance will keep you in control of your security. These innovative home surveillance systems use top-of-the-line security cameras to produce HD footage. It is possible to monitor and record footage in real-time by connecting outdoor security cameras.

Smart locks provide more convenience and security than traditional keypads. These locks will open your door without the need to manually enter it. The locks allow voice commands as well as secure smartphone keys.

Home security plans should consider all aspects and prepare for every scenario. We are proud to go the extra mile and consider door density, upgraded locks, reinforced hinges, sensors, etc. We don’t leave anything to chance.

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