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Life is just better when technology works together. Integrating home and security systems provides the ability to control and view your systems remotely, wherever you may be. Adjust cameras, cue lighting, grant temporary access to guests and service providers, keep an eye on pets, or set automations to lock your doors at night.  SafeHouse Security Consultants is one of the top home automation companies in Malibu CA. They cater to clients seeking cutting-edge technology with impeccable design. If you’re looking for Home Automation Companies in Malibu CA, call us now!

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Network Security

Our comprehensive suite of security services encompasses network security to safeguard your digital infrastructure, ensuring robust defenses against cyber threats.

Our security expertise extends to Wi-Fi and network security, implementing protocols to fortify your wireless networks against unauthorized access.

We provide modern solutions for safeguarding your network against sophisticated cyber attacks, which are ever growing in popularity. Ensuring your digital assets are protected is a necessary piece of a wholistic security plan. 

Masking your digital footprint involves taking steps to minimize the traceability of your online activities. A smaller digital footprint reduces the risk of identity theft, protects personal privacy, and minimizes targeted advertising. We can help with that.

best home security system companies in Malibu, CA

Smart Lighting

Control all the lights in your home from a single device. Create a relaxing ambience for a romantic dinner, or cue your exterior lights in the evening as a crime deterrent. If you’re looking for Home Automation Companies in Malibu CA, we’re here to help.

Leave the old-fashioned light switches behind. Timed lighting systems can also automatically adapt to the changing light levels of the day.

Instantly create any mood you want in any room using a combination of motorized shades and intelligent lighting control. You can create the perfect atmosphere to suit your needs, whether you’re spending quality time with family or enjoying romantic dinners in Malibu.

Landscape lighting can completely transform the appearance and feel of a home’s exterior. In addition to adding sophistication, it can also deter potential intruders. Transform your outdoor areas with illumination that is both elegant and secure.

Security lighting does more than protect your home. It also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. For optimal security, choose lighting configurations that only come on in the evening or that respond to motion detection.

No more lights left on all day while you’re out enjoying the Malibu beaches. Turn them off from your phone and save money on your energy bill.

Smart Shading

 Smart shading systems offer unparalleled levels of convenience, quality, and ease of operation. They can include preset timers for easy control and even voice commands. For ultimate convenience, control your shades on the go via smartphone.

Smart shading makes it possible to operate window coverings via smartphones, tablets, voice commands, or preset schedules. It eliminates the necessity of manually adjusting blinds or shades all day.

Smart shading will increase the efficiency of your home. Automatically adjusting the shades to match the time of day or sun positions will allow you to regulate how much natural light and heat enters your home. This reduces the use of artificial lighting, heating and cooling systems, and ultimately utility bills.

Mask the privacy of your home and adjust the shades easily with a simple touch or voice command. When you are away, smart shades can open and close automatically at specific times during the day. This can also deter intruders.

Smart shades will protect your furniture, artwork and flooring from fading due to the sun’s UV rays by automatically lowering them or adjusting their position.

Automated shading lets you control the amount of glare that comes from direct sunlight. This makes devices like TVs and computers more comfortable to operate and keeps glare away from interfering with indoor activities.

Smart Audio Systems

Many homes in Malibu blend indoor and outdoor spaces to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Create amazing audio setups and enjoy beautiful melodies indoors or outdoors. Track selection, sound intensity level and genre selection are all easily managed. If you’re looking for Home Automation Companies in Malibu CA, we’re here to help.

You can enjoy the music of your choosing, whatever room you’re in, without having to worry about wires. Life is just better when technology works together. 

Enjoy high sound quality with outdoor speakers that are weatherproof, wireless, low maintenance, and always there when you need them. 

Upgrade your audio experience with the latest equipment and systems that offer unparalleled sound quality.

Enjoy listening to exceptional audio systems while entertaining your guests indoors or by the pool. Intelligent audio systems give you complete control of song selection, volume levels, and a variety of sonic styles.

Smart Security Systems

Enjoy peace of mind like never before. Smart security systems utilize cutting-edge cameras to monitor all activity around your home through an easily accessible smartphone interface. Set up alarms to quickly contact emergency services if needed; lock your front door automatically at predetermined intervals and unlock it remotely using your smartphone. Our security system brings tomorrow today. SafeHouse Security Consultants are one of Malibu’s best home automation firms.

A smart entry system will enhance the security in your home by allowing you to screen individuals before granting access. Compatible with smart lock solutions, these entry system feature video surveillance that identifies visitors at your front door and two-way audio communication to allow two-way dialog between you and the visitor. You can make informed decisions with this entry system that is controlled via your smartphone.

Exterior landscape lighting can be used to deter potential intruders as well as improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Intelligently configured landscape lighting can be set to turn on automatically at dusk and then off again at sunrise using smart devices. Motion-activated lighting is another option that will discourage unauthorized access.

Keep your home safe with our innovative security camera systems. These cutting-edge systems feature HD security cameras. By connecting outdoor cameras to smart devices, you can monitor your surroundings in real-time. You can also record and view footage for any period of time from minutes to several weeks. Night vision allows effective guest screening during the night.

Smart locks provide unmatched security and convenience. With these locks you can control access remotely, voice  commands are also possible using secure smartphone keys.

The best home security plans look at every aspect and plan for each possibility. We take pride in going the extra mile to look at door density, upgraded hinges, additional reinforced locks, sensors and the like. We leave nothing up to chance. 

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