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SafeHouse Security Consultants offers a unique approach to home security.  We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every home presents a unique risk profile, therefore, we believe every home should have a security plan that is just as unique. One that addresses it’s particular vulnerabilities. Don’t let your home defense fall behind the ever-evolving criminal landscape. If you’re looking for the best home security system companies in Pasadena CA, look no further.

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Remote Access

When you get a security camera system from us, you will also receive an app that gives you access to view your cameras wherever and whenever as long as you’re viewing device is connected to the internet. Plus, there are no recurring or additional charges!

Centralized Management

Some businesses can be quite large meaning they require multiple cameras to make certain that every angle and region of your property is covered. Centralized management grants more efficient control of your system by giving you the power to control and monitor all your cameras from a single interface.

Infrared Cameras

Due to many businesses being open 24 hours a day, having a security camera system with infrared cameras is key in protecting your business during both night and day. Infrared cameras illuminate the area they’re monitoring so footage can be captured no matter what lighting is present.

Wireless Systems

Often, large companies need to cover remote areas and even areas outside. It can be challenging to set up a wired network in these cases because the sites are often without power or internet.

SafeHouse Security Consultants also consultations for your wireless networking system. We can recommend security companies that can install and build systems that cover areas that you might have thought were too expensive to cover. Find out how we can assist if you have areas in your business that are out of the range of your current system.

Pasadena California Security Cameras

Our IP surveillance camera systems are used by federal, state, and municipal agencies in Pasadena to monitor vital infrastructure and remote locations. We offer the most advanced and cost-effective IP surveillance systems to government agencies. These include city parks, police questioning rooms, libraries, etc.


Video surveillance can help business owners in Pasadena, California better manage their businesses. Installing security cameras in your business will provide you with the video resources needed to monitor employee theft, customer theft, fraudulent workers’ compensation claims, and inventory control.


In order to protect our most precious and beloved among us, the children, security camera systems are essential. IP surveillance systems of the highest quality can be deployed quickly to protect educational facilities in Pasadena, California, ranging from small daycares to elementary schools, high schools, and colleges.

Get Started With Pasadena Security Cameras

It couldn’t get any easier to start your journey towards your new CCTV system with SafeHouse Security Consultants! We have a team of experienced security camera specialists who will take all the stress and worry out of choosing the right system.

Our security consultants are here to help you with your new security camera system. Click below or call (424) 352-8639 today to get started! Our security consultants will help you with the process of purchasing a new system.

Pasadena Security Camera FAQs

What cameras do I need?

In order to determine which cameras will work best for our Pasadena client’s application, we first ask them what they value. Our consultants use this information along with any budget constraints and the environment in which the cameras will be placed to determine the best possible video surveillance.

How can I view my cameras remotely?

Remotely viewing your Pasadena security camera system is possible using your laptop, mobile phone, or computer. You will need internet access at the location where the cameras are located and where you want to view them remotely.

Does 720p work well for large spaces?

In certain circumstances, a security camera with 720p resolution (1280×720 pixels) may be “good” enough for a large work area, provided that it meets its intended purpose. In a Pasadena scrap yard, where security cameras are used to monitor various scrap metal collections, a camera with a resolution of 720p would be able to tell you whether a pile of scraps is full or empty even from 100 feet away. It would not be sufficient if you wanted to capture the logo or company name on the side of the truck from that distance. 

Pro Tip: 720p cameras are almost obsolete. Most entry-level security cameras start at 1920 x 1080. Do not be fooled. There is no need to purchase such outdated technology.

Can security companies access my cameras?

Watch any recorded or live security camera only by either having access to the system physically or remotely via the internet. You can change the password to secure remote access once you’ve physically secured your Network Video Recorder. You may want to give your security camera installers a remote access password so that they can assist with technical issues.

How can I store my security footage compactly?

Video from a surveillance camera that is recorded on a Network Video Recorder’s (NVR) hard drive is always compressed. The amount of video that can be stored on the hard drive before it is full, and older videos are overwritten, depending on the effectiveness of the compression. This relationship determines the “retention period”, which is usually expressed as days of video in an NVR system. The most efficient compression algorithm at the moment is H.265. If you want to save your footage in the smallest amount of space, make sure that both your security cameras and NVRs support H.265 compression.

Security Cameras for Pasadena Home and Businesses

Want to monitor your business? Our team of experienced security consultants can help you find the best security system to suit your needs. We provide security cameras to many local businesses and are able to offer fast and easy installation locally.

SafeHouse Security Consultants offers video surveillance and camera equipment to a variety of Pasadena businesses.

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