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When technology is integrated, life becomes better. Integration of home and security systems allows you to view and control your systems from anywhere. You can adjust cameras, control lighting, give temporary access to service providers and guests, monitor pets or automate your door locks at night. SafeHouse Security Consultants, one of the leading home automation companies located in New Port Beach CA, is a leader in the industry. Clients who are looking for cutting-edge design and technology will be satisfied by SafeHouse Security Consultants. Call us if you are looking for Home Automation Companies New Port CA.

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Networking/ Wifi

As your guides, our experts will help you begin the journey of creating an ecosystem for your smart home that covers every aspect. They will walk you through all the steps involved in using this system to integrate smart devices into your home. If you’re looking for Home Automation Companies in New Port Beach CA, call us now!

We have extensive experience in Wi-Fi security and network security. We implement protocols that will protect your wireless networks from unauthorized access.

We offer modern solutions to protect your network from sophisticated cyber attacks. These are gaining in popularity. A comprehensive security plan must include a safeguarding of your digital assets.

To mask your digital footprint, you must take steps to reduce the traceability and visibility of your online activity. A smaller digital footprint protects your privacy and reduces targeted advertising. We can help you with that.

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Smart Lighting

All the lights can be controlled from one device. You can create a romantic atmosphere for your dinner or turn on the exterior lights at night to deter crime. We can help if you are looking for Home Automation Companies New Port Beach CA.

Leave behind manual light switches! Timed lighting systems automatically adjust to the changing levels of light throughout the day, ensuring a continuous lighting experience.

Using our unique combination of motorized Lutron shades and intelligent lighting, you can create any mood instantly in any space. Our solution allows you to create the ideal lighting ambience for family time, romantic dinners, or even quality time spent indoors.

Landscape lighting is a key element of outdoor aesthetics that can dramatically change the feel and look of any home. The lighting can add sophistication and deter thieves while also adding security. You can transform your outdoor spaces with a combination of elegance and security.

Security lighting creates more than just security – they also create an inviting atmosphere for your home. Select lighting solutions that are activated only during the evening hours, or those that respond solely to motion detection to create a security solution tailored to your needs.

No more lights left on all day while you’re out enjoying New Port Beach. Turn them off from your phone and save money on your energy bill.

Smart Shading

You can rely on expert security companies to install cutting-edge shade systems in New Port Beach. Our shading solutions provide unmatched quality and convenience when operating personalized roller blinds and motorized shades – with voice commands, preset timings, and smart technologies for smooth control. These systems will be easy to control with the intuitive controls available on your smartphones, tablets and computers. Contact us today and see the Smart shading options available!

Smart shading allows window coverings to be controlled remotely via smartphones, tablets, voice commands and preset schedules. No longer is it necessary to adjust blinds, shades or shutters manually throughout the day.

Smart shading increases the energy efficiency of a home. By automatically adjusting your shades based on the time of day, sun positions and other factors, you can control how much heat and natural light enters your house, reducing the amount of artificial lighting or heating/cooling needed.

If you want to maintain privacy inside your house, you can adjust the shades by voice or touch. While you’re away, smart blinds can be programmed so that they open and close during certain hours of the day. This will give the appearance that someone in your house is present.

Smart shades are able to protect artwork, furniture and flooring against fading caused by the sun. They do this by automatically lowering their shade or adjusting it in order to block UV rays.

Automatic shading can be used to reduce the amount of direct sun glare. This allows devices such as televisions and computers to be more comfortable for use, and to prevent glare from disrupting indoor activities.

Smart Audio Systems

Enjoy beautiful melodies in New Port Beach at parties or indoors with the smart audio system. It allows you to control track selections, sound intensity levels, and genres. If you’re looking for Home Automation Companies in New Port Beach CA, call us now!

Immerse yourself into tranquility and peace in your own home, without any visual clutter. Our WiFi systems are at the cutting edge of technology and unrivaled. We are capable of handling WiFi projects at any scale, from small home networks to multi-room residential complexes to sprawling office complexes.

You will be able to manage all of your lighting fixtures with ease using innovative software. Create dynamic movie-night lighting schemes or set an intimate ambiance for dinners. Here, your creativity is limited only by your imagination. And our experts will always be on hand to give you advice and insights. Combining the latest audio technology, these systems provide a sound experience like no other.

Upgrade your audio experience with the latest equipment and systems that offer unparalleled sound quality.

Smart Security Systems

With our advanced security systems, you’ll enjoy unparalleled peace of mind at the press of a button. Our advanced security systems monitor activity at your home using cutting-edge technology. Our security systems can bring tomorrow to today. You can set alarm notifications for emergency services, or lock the front door at predetermined times. SafeHouse Security Consultants – one of New Port Beach CA’s best home automation companies – will help you step into the future.

You can enhance your home’s security by installing a smart entry device that allows you to screen anyone before granting them access. Compatible with smart locks, these entry solutions feature video surveillance so you can identify visitors to your home as well as two-way communication audio for a two-way conversation between visitors and yourself. The entire system is easily controlled from your smartphone so you can make better decisions.

The use of exterior landscape lighting not only improves its aesthetic appeal but also acts as a barrier against intruders. Intelligently configured lighting solutions for landscapes can be turned on automatically when dusk falls and off again in the morning using smart devices.

With our innovative surveillance cameras, you can stay in charge of your home’s security. These cutting-edge solutions come with top-of-the-line security cameras that record HD footage. Outdoor security cameras can be connected to smart devices to enable real-time monitoring. They can record and review footage at any time, from minutes to weeks.

Smart locks are more convenient and secure than traditional keypad entry. Enjoy greater convenience, as these locks can recognize your smartphone to grant access without manual input. Additionally, voice command unlocking through secure smartphone codes is also possible.

The best home security plans look at every aspect and plan for each possibility. We take pride in going the extra mile to look at door density, upgraded hinges, additional reinforced locks, sensors and the like. We leave nothing up to chance. 

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